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Why Pay Rent When You Can Buy?
Even if you don't have perfect credit, we can put you
in a nice home today.  By providing our own financing
for 12 to 24 months, we help you the home buyer
‘bridge’ the time you need to build equity in a home
and meet the requirements of the conventional
lenders.  We help you save for a home while
experiencing home ownership. Why rent when you
could be earning equity towards the purchase of
your home?
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Aspen Homes, LLC
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Indianapolis, IN 46236
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“Aspen Homes is the best! They rented us a nice house, treated us fairly, took care of all
maintenance issues when needed, and even gave us a recommendation when we moved! We
whole heartedly recommend them!”
-The Castillos
Aspen Homes as been providing quality rental homes in Indianapolis since 2001.
We take great pride in giving our residents a safe and affordable home to live in.